what we offer

Always dedicated and devoted


Providing quality education is one of Nigeria and Africa's biggest challenge, rating among the worst in the world. Nigerian children consistently perform at the average or lowest possible levels, demonstrating the extent of the problem. Statistics for the disadvantaged schools are even poorer than national data suggests.

Children are the primary educators of our society. If you educate a child, you will one day have an educated nation. The implications of educating a child are far reaching and includes lower rates of HIV/AIDS infection, high rate of crime reduction in the society, teenage pregnancy, maternal and fetal mortality rates and illiteracy - to name only a few.

i. We are Scholarship Managers: Here, we have developed a strategy to be able to build/develop and manage the Scholarship scheme of any Individual and Organization.
A database system will be established for this purpose for records and references.

ii. We serve as a bridge in synergizing between the Government, Private Sector and Individuals in proffering solutions regarding Education and the likes.

iii. We support schools in Nigeria by fundraising for their development priorities and providing school supplies Free of Charge. This ensures that communities that are connected to our network receive direct benefits from our organization. We go to the field.

iv. We Offer Scholarships to students and support schools with Educational Supplies in Communities with a downturn in Nigeria.


We are committed to organizing the following:
i. Seminars towards Health Awareness, Business Education and Financial empowerment.

ii. Campaigns towards the promotion of Peaceful co-existence in the society.

iii. Conferences towards Academic excellence that empowers people to live well and to uphold the values of our nation and community.


Our Health Initiative division aims at reducing discrimination in health related problems in our society by developing new strategies to reduce the burden of health related issues, infectious disease and the leading causes of child mortality in Nigeria, which is focused on improving the delivery of high-impact health products and services to the Rural communities by developing new strategies to reduce the burden of accessing good health services.
We also offer medical assistance through the organization of MEDICAL AWARENESS/OUTREACHES where people with health issues are attended to and offered medications FREE OF CHARGE. Our team of Volunteer Medical Professionals are always willing to render this services and Health Support to Individuals and Communities where help is needed. We go to the fields
We hope to liaise with International Donors in accessing help for our society where there is need for our services.