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SMESS Conference 2019

SMESS Conference 2019

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January 1, 1970
About Project

The Importance of the SOCIAL MEDIA today cannot be overemphasized, hence the need to enlighten and empower people, especially the youth, about its impact /influence and usage.
The Social Media plays a major role in today’s information dissemination, business enhancement, personal promotion, to mention but a few. When wrongly put to use, it could also be destructive.
It is in light of this that we, in collaboration with LFX International, an ICT leading Company in Nigeria, have put together this Proposal to present to your noble office.

Conference Overview
This One-day Conference is basically aimed at:
1. With the high rising of the usage of Social Media, this Conference has been designed to equip every participant, most especially of age thirteen to nineteen (13 – 19) with necessary information on how to interact while on Social Media bearing in mind the Advantages and Disadvantages of this New Media.

2. Equip the participants with all the knowledge and tools to understand the Core Social Media platforms and how to maximize its importance with relations to learning, using the latest statistics, examples and case studies from the various Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube.

3. This One-day Conference is also designed to effectively give participants the Social Media basics up to Advanced Strategy Execution, which is crucial to enabling them achieve better Academic or Educational heights and awareness, through the application of the knowledge received.

4. We shall provide real Social Media examples and strategies that will help each participant to utilize it effectively to the benefit of self and society.

The Strategy:
1. Various Topics that relates to Social Media and the Youth will be treated.
2. A total of 1500 students minimum from various schools (30 Students from each of the schools) to be present at the event
3. All Secondary Schools in Makurdi to Participate in the Conference
4. Five (5) Teachers from each School to be present also.
5. All students will attend in their School Uniforms
6. Each School submits a list of their students attending the Conference.
7. There will be an On-the-spot competition. Winner School goes with a gift and Winner student goes with a gift also for First to Third Positions.
8. Each Participating Student wears a Conference Tag.

Topics to be treated include:
1. The Impact of Social Media on Academic Performance of Students; Positive and Negative
2. Finding Social Media opportunities and being aware of the threats
3. The effects of social media on Mental Health.
4. The Effects of Social Media on Children (facts you just can’t Ignore)
5. How Is Social Media Affecting Your Life?
6. Social Media’s Impact on Relationships And Self-Esteem
As part of our organization’s policy, a certificate of participation will be given to all participant/students who attend the event and this will attract N500 for each participant. (We hope that a Sponsor would take care of this)

The Event:
The Conference shall be carrying the following events in various segments:
1. We look forward to having the First Lady officially open the Conference as well as give a keynote address.
2. Keynote address and presentation of papers on the various topics.
3. Interview Panel, Q&A inclusive/ Interactive Session.
4. The Presentations shall include visuals for easy understanding.
5. On-the-spot competition
6. Presentation of Drama from Selected School.
7. Presentation of Gifts.
8. Comedy & Music,
9. A banner Carrying names and Logos of Partners, Sponsors ad Supporters shall be displayed at the venue, etc
10. Practical Testimonials of Social Media Experiences
11. Facilitators will be exposed to answering all manner of questions from the audience regarding the subjects of the day